Domain Name Registration and other information about domains.


Computers connect to each other through IP addresses, and the whole of the internet is a web of different computers each with their own IP address. The problem for us humans is that we find remembering IP addresses difficult, and much prefer to remember names. Domain names act by converting this IP address into something which we can all remember.2

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Domain names are the human-readable addresses of websites. Our domain name is

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"A domain name allows you to have a professional presence on the Internet."

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Popular Domain Extensions:

.com: short for “commercial”; most popular Web extension.domain extension

.org: short for “organization”; mostly non-profits, but can be used for any type of organization.

.gov: short for “government”; usually a federal site, but also can indicate a state site.

.edu: short for “educational”; most domains with an .edu extension are education-related.

.net: short for “network”; many ISPs (Internet Service Provider) and networks use a .net extension.

.int: used for international institutions.

.info: is for credible resource Web sites and signifies a “resource” web site.

.me: A personal website.


.tv: In my opinion it’s used primarily for media, Television, Video related sites.

.in: country code for India. company in India.

.jobs: is designed to be added after the names of established companies with job to advertise.

.mil: is limited to use by US military.

.ac: used for educational network (same as .edu).

.mobi: a site made for mobile phones.

.store: for an Internet sites that for retail businesses.